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7 secret tips for making use of SnapCrab for Windows.

After the official release of SnapCrab for Windows, we received some inquiries about not being able to capture in the way they thought they could.
Is this a problem in the specifications? No, most of the inquiries were easily solved by changing the settings.

So to help anyone who has the same question, I have decided to introduce 7 secret tips to make use of SnapCrab for Windows.

Make small adjustments using the arrow keys

1. You can make small adjustments to the selected area by using the arrow keys or using the arrow keys while holding the “Shift” key.

2. Moving with the arrow keys can also be used for picking colors with the color picker.

Post using drag and drop

It is possible to select areas to post by pressing the post icon in the tool bar.
However, there may be times when you want to post images you have already captured or are already saved to your device.
In this case you can post images by drag and dropping them into the [Post image icon] area circled in red shown below.
(Currently, drag and dropping into anywhere on the tool bar also works)

You can use this to:

3. Drag and drop to post to Evernote
4. Ctrl + drag and drop to post to Twitter
5. Shift + drag and drop to post to Facebook

Using key combinations it is easy to post to Evernote, Twitter and Facebook.

6. Change the Wallpaper

If you perform a window capture with [Fill background with specified color] checked and select the desktop, you can create an image of the entire wallpaper of the desktop filled in a specified color.

Using this function, even if you are somebody who has photos of their children or images they do not want to show to others, set as their desktop wallpaper, you can still quickly take a screenshot of your desktop without any need to change the background.

Also, when capturing while [Create a transparent background] is checked, the background becomes translucent so you can easily fuse it with other images using PictBear or other art editing software.

7. Switching with Multi-monitors

From many years ago there has been many image-capture software available for Windows. However, most of them do not get updated and so have issues such as not having support for the Aero style in Vista and later editions, and not supporting certain multi-monitor environments.

SnapCrab decided to mainly focus on providing support for multi-monitor environments, and then succeeded in creating a window capture using multiple monitors.

With the default settings, the monitor with the mouse cursor is captured when capturing the desktop in a multi-monitor environment.

Details | Other | Capture the active monitor

By setting the above option to OFF, you can capture all monitors when capturing the desktop.
Also, you can switch between “Whole desktop” and “Capture the active monitor” without changing the settings by just pressing the shift key.

So how are the tips I provided? Have I solved some of the doubts that you couldn’t perform certain tasks because the specifications were different?

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