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Anyone can make a brush with Pictbear!

Today, I would like to talk about how to create a brush in PictBear.

Once you have created a brush, you can use it over and over again, making it very useful for when using the same symbol or design repeatedly.

Today, I will show how to make a [neon-like pen] brush in PictBear.

1. Preparing the image for the brush.

As this time I will be making a [neon-like pen], I have chosen to make the centre dark, and to display the outside as if it is emitting light.
In order to achieve this, after drawing a circle, by repeatedly repeatedly blurring the edges and then cutting, I created a hazy circle.
* You can also create images in other software and use them in PictBear.

2. Set greyscale

Select [Image>Image type>Greyscale] in the Menu bar to combine the layers.

3. Register to a brush from the palet brush menu

If you select a brush and right-click it, a menu is displayed. From this menu you can add a brush. If you select [Add Active Image Here], it is added straight away.

And that is it!

4. When you want to save as brush data

After registering a brush, if you close the application, it is saved as brush data.

If you have not changed the installation location, then the brush data with an a pbb extension should be saved in the brushes folder located in Fenrir Inc/PictBear Second Edition in Program Files. The item with the largest number is the new brush data.

If you save the create pbb file, even if you reinstall PictBear, you can register the brush again just by dragging and dropping it into the pallet. You can also send the brush data to another user.

As I did create a new brush, there is no reason to waste it. You can download it below in 3 different sizes.
Neon Pen Brush

You can also download the following brushes.

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Please feel free to make use of PictBear.

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