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How to use Sleipnir Mobile for Android Web Browser

Have you tried out the newly released Sleipnir Mobile for Android 1.7?

Sleipnir Mobile for Android product page

Today, even though we received a lot of feedback, instead of focusing on implemented functions, I will be introducing how to use Sleipnir Mobile for Android.

1. How to close the application

There are 2 ways to close the Sleipnir Mobile for Android application. By selecting [Close Application] from Menu>Other, or by holding down the return key.
If you choose the hold down method, you can choose to delete privacy information such as [Cache] [History] [Close all Tabs] etc. upon closing.

2. Facebook Share

You can [Share page on Facebook] by holding down within the page on a place where there are no links.

When you share from Sleipnir Mobile for the first time, you will need to login to Facebook. Once you have logged-in once, you can save your ID and password, making it easy to share next time.

3. Play Flash

When playing a video, the play button only displays after pressing [↓], right?
Pressing this key everytime is a pain.

Then, go to Menu>Other>Settings, and check [Always Enable Plugins].
Doing this will turn the [↓] into [Play] when finishing loading a page.

This makes life a little easier.

4. Save Images

Because there is the Hold And Go function in Sleipnir Mobile which allows the user to open links in the background one after another, it is not possible by normal means to save images which have links.
If the image you want save has a link attached to it, please click the link to display the image.
Once the image has been displayed, hold down on the image, and select [Save Image].
The saved imaged will be saved to your SD card. When saving, you are able to choose which folder in the SD card you would like to save to.

Also, by removing the check from [Enable Hold And Go] in Menu>Other>Settings, it is possible to save images with links attached to them, without the need to click and open the link first.
However, don’t forget to try out the comfortability of being able to reach desired pages in no time at all with the various operations possible with Hold and Go, such as opening search results one after another, and switching pages with just a flick.

5. Bookmark Sync

Bookmarks can be synchronized between Sleipnir Mobile, Windows/Mac, iOS, and the newly released Windows Phone versions of Sleipnir.
First, how to open an account.
Open the bookmarks display, and select [New Account] from Menu>Sync.
Input the the user name, password and e-mail address you want to use, and finish with [Create Account]. For users who have already obtained an account with the Windows version or other versions, please begin synchronization from the start and then login.

From the point you login, The settings will be set as [Automatically Sync]. With this option turned on, bookmarks will be synchronized automatically when opening and closing Sleipnir Mobile, preventing you from forgetting to sync your bookmarks.

However, if you want to choose when to synchronize bookmarks yourself, then you can do so by removing the check from [Automatically Sync] in Sync Page>Automatic Sync Settings.
If you want to perform a synchronization, you can do so by pressing [Sync] from the Sync Page. In the automatic sync settings, there is also the [Wi-Fi Connections Only] option available.

Also, it is possible to edit your account with [Change Password] [Change E-Mail Address], and to send a temporary password to your registered e-mail account by inputting your e-mail address, if you forget your password.
So, please don’t forget your registered e-mail address.

Only introduces 5 functions took up this much space, I’ll add the rest next time!
Did you notice the trial and errors our development team have done in response to your feedback?
We will continue to take as much as your feedback for Sleipnir Mobile as we can and use it to improve our software as best as we can. We will be providing regular updates as well.
The development team are also very thankful for the reviews and comments users have provided on the Market. Users who like Sleipnir Mobile and have yet to write a review, please don’t forget to to write about it!
Fenrir Inc. / Sleipnir look forward to hearing from you in the future as well.

Hold And Go

Links can be opened in tabs in the background by holding them down. Using this feature it is possible to perform tasks such as quickly and easily comparing prices by opening links to products you are interested in on shopping sites in the background, and then switching between tabs using the flick function.

Download files

Image, PDF and other files inside pages can be downloaded. Saved files are saved on your SD card. By switching off the Hold And Go function, images with link settings can also be saved.


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