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4 Recommended Fireworks extensions functions to speed up designing

[Increasing the quality decreases the speed, but increasing the speed decreases the quality…]
This quality and speed problem is a constant issue for designers.
This time, I would like to introduce to you the Fireworks extension function useful for when you want to quickly finish UI or Web mockup designs while maintaining the quality.

1. [Smart Resize] for bringing together and shrinking designs

This function is perfect for when you want to resize web page design data for smartphones.

[How to use]
After installation, [Smart Resize] will be added.

Select the design that you want to adjust the size of, and select Command > Smart Resize > Attach.

Then, you just need to adjust the size using the yellow control point and it will be automatically adjusted with the text lines and other points of design intact.

In extreme size modifications there will probably be some breakage, but this extension function is still truly remarkable.

Download from here

2. [Fill With Background] to automatically create the buttons in the background

Use this function to remove text from button images.

[How to use]

After installation, this function will be added to Objects of Command.
Just select the area with text that you want to remove with the rectangular selection tool, and select Command > Objects > Fill With Background.

By selecting Cut From Background, the selected area is made into an object after automatically creating the background

Editable scroll bars can also be made in no time as well.

Download from here

3. The extremely useful border-creating tool for CMS construction [Placeholder]

This extension function can be used to easily create images with image size, positioning and memos attached. The text of the image size automatically changes when you edit the image size.
This prevents you from ever thinking [How many pixels are in this image?].

[How to use]

After installation, the “Placeholder” function will be available to select from “Object Tools“.
You can draw border images by dragging the screen.

You can adjust the size with the yellow control point. The numbers in the label also automatically change when adjusting the image size.

Download from here

4. Fixing strangely enlargened rounded rectangular objects with [Fix Rounded Rect Corners]

Have you ever changed the size of a rounded rectangular object without noticing and then not be able to return it to normal?
If you have, then this function is for you.

[How to use]

After installing, select the strangely enlargened object and then select Command > Objects > Fix Rounded Rect Corners.

The extended rounded section will be returned to normal.
Can not be applied to group released objects.

Download from here

The extension functions I have introduced here can further improve your work speed by being used jointly used with SnapCrab for Windows.
Please give it a go.

Thank you.

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