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About displaying and editing favicons in Sleipnir web browser

What are favicons?

Favicons are the site logos or company logos that are displayed on tabs when viewing websites so that you can easily understand what contents is in a specific tab.

There are basically 2 methods to display favicons:

1. Place [favicon.ico] in the root directory.
2. Set favicons using the <link> tag.

Usually, there are no problems when just using method 1.

If you are someone who is thinking [I want to change the displayed favicon for specific pages!], then you can achieve this by using method 2.

How to display favicons in Sleipnir

Sleipnir caches acquired favicons in order to improve loading times of pages.

Due to this, some of you may be saying I have tried the 2 methods above but still the favicon does not display or change!
I have listed a few reasons why this may be happening.

When you tried method 1, but nothing changed.

As I previously mentioned, Sleipnir caches acquired favicons in order to improve loading times of pages.
In other words, as long as the cache is remaining, even if you change the favicon, the cached favicon is priortized so it is necessary to delete the cache in order to apply the changes.

In order to delete the cache perform the following:

Sleipnir 2: From the menu, insert a check into [Tools > Sleipnir options > Client > Exit > All Favicon Caches], and then click OK.
Sleipnir 3: From the menu, insert a check into [Tools > Customize > Client > Exit > Clear all Favicon caches], and then click OK.

Afterwards, new favicons will be obtained the next time you restart the browser.

When you tried method 2, but nothing changed.

There are many possible reasons in this case.

Can not obtain using rel=”icon”
Firstly, please make sure to set the <link> tag with rel=”shortcut icon”.
Favicons can not be obtained in Sleipnir using rel=”icon”.


<link rel="shortcut icon" href="hogehoge.ico" type="image/" />

When also specifying method 1
Sleipnir prioritizes cached favicons.
So, if you view webpages using method 1 beforehand, all pages in directories lower than the document root will display favicons using method 1 and so ignore any spcifications in <link> tags.

If you want to specify the settings for individual pages using <link> tags, please specify the settings for other than the individual pages as well.

When specifying favicons in the local environment
Sleipnir can not obtain favicons in the local environment when specified using method 2.
When you want to display favicons in Sleipnir using method 2, please upload the favicons online and then specify the location.

This should have solved any problems displaying favicons in Sleipnir.

Thank you.

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