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Capture visited sites and manage them with labels in FenrirFS

Today, I want to talk to you about managing sites about design.

Even if you do save it somewhere, as you save more it can get more and more difficult to manage them.
If you save and manage sites using bookmarks it can take a while opening different tabs, and also sometimes the designs on sites change.
Even if you capture an image of the site, maintaining those images can still be quite difficult.

So, why not try using SnapCrab and FenrirFS to capture an image of the site and then add tags and save, and automatically label multiple files.

1. Save a screenshot using Snapcrab to a specified folder

Firstly install the SnapCrab for Windows plug-in into your browser.

Currently, you can install the SnapCrab for Windows plug-in for Sleipnir 2 or Internet Explorer.
Otherwise you can download the SnapCrab program below.

Once you have installed the software, create the folder where you want to save taken screenshots, and modify the SnapCrab settings.

After setting the stock folder for screenshots from [Change default folder], that you created earlier, select [Set folder].
Then insert a check in [Insert file name when saving].

This will make it so that screenshots will be saved in the stock folder you created, and then will request you to iput a name.

2. Create a profile for stock in FenrirFS

Once you have installed FenrirFS, click the Fenrir Inc. logo located at the top left of the program, and then create a new profile for taking screenshots.

Select automatic synchronization mode profile, and set the location of the automatic synchronization folder to the capture stock folder you created earlier.

There is no need to change any other settings from now on.

3. Change the settings to automatically add labels

Once you have created a special profile it is time to create category labels.

Once you have created your desired labels, it is time to add filters to [Automatic File sorting settings] in order to add labels automatically from file names. [Automatic file sorting settings] can be found from the menu after clicking the Fenrir Inc. logo located at the top left of the program.

Add a name related to the category in [file name] of [Filter requirements settings] and select [partial].

Insert a check into [Add label] in [Processing when sorting], and set the labels you want to attach. Also, if you want you can insert a check in [Archive files] (This will stop files remaining in the work tray).

When you want to increase the number of labels next time, just set them the same way.

And so the preparation is over!
So let’s actually try saving! This will make it so you can save and add labels with the operations below.

1. Save screenshots!

When you take a screenshot with SnapCrab, a save dialog box will be displayed.
When it is displayed, just name the file the same as the name you set in the automatic filtering settings(Example: black.png).
If you get confused, just attach multiple label names and save.

By doing this, FenrirFS will automatically attach labels from the file name. In addition to label names you can also insert suitable comments for searching.

2. View and manage

FenrirFS will already have archived and labelled everything from the moment you start it up.
The compact size is recommended.

The viewer can also be opened by hitting the space key.

Attach stars to your favorite screenshots, filter search results using multiple labels, zoom-in using FenrirFS, and use the share functions to attach tags and save to Evernote, and post to Facebook and Twitter, and much much more with FenrirFS.

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