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FenrirFS 2.3 released – Susie plug-in support added!

Today we have released FenrirFS 2.3 which has been implemented with support for Susie plug-in, and full-screen view for image previewing. Please check out the introduction to the new additions below.

FenirFS 2.3 download page
FenrirFS 2.3 release notes

Thank you very much to all the users who kindly provided us with feedback from the Beta version release!

High resolution images in full-screen view

You can also enjoy high resolution images in perfect detail with the full-screen view function.

The thumbnails displayed at the bottom of the full-screen view are image files taken from the current file list.

It is also possible to display images from the archives if you have implemented the zip and other archive file supported Susie plug-in.

You can also quickly switch to the full-screen view from the standard preview by pressing the F11 key.

Thumbnail support for Susie Plug-in

We recently received requests for thumbnails in wide-screen and compact view, so we have added support for these in the latest version.

The image above is an example displaying thumbnails with the plug-in for PSD implemented.

How to set the plug-in positioning

We have made it possible to set the location of the Susie plug-in by inputting it in the ini file.


ini file password <profile folder>\settings\setting.ini
section name Plugins
key name SusiePluginDir
value Susie plug-in saved folder


You can check the location of the profile folder by viewing [environment settings] from the menu at the top left of the screen, and going to [General].
(This is disabled in the portable version making it difficult to check. The location of the profile folder is [FenrirFS Storage] located in the same folder as FenrirFS.exe.)

Below is an example of the ini file. After adding the extra text to the ini folder and saving it, please restart FenrirFS and check if everything is working correctly. (Please change the [C:\tools\susie] part to meet the environment of your own device.)



Other modifications

We have also fixed issues and made other improvements in response to requests from users.

We have received requests from many users to consider descendent groups in the label group nest function newly added to FenrirFS 2.2. So, we have provided support for this in FenrirFS 2.3!

Please feel free to try out FenrirFS 2.3 with the strengthened image file viewing function.
Thank you very much.

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