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How to make use of tabs in the Sleipnir 3 for Windows web browser

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Sleipnir 3 for Windows offers powerful tab performance and a rich selection of tab options.
Some of you may not already be familiar with the number of ways you can manipulate tabs.
So today, I want to talk a little bit about how to make use of tabs.

Make tabs small

You can save space by changes those tabs you always use into tablets.

Just click the tablet mark from the tab preview.

Check out the tablet at the far left of the tab bar.

Close all except currently active tab



Check the details of inactive tabs

Do you ever open so many tabs that you lose track of which site is opened in which tab?

With Sleipnir, you can easily check out the image/name/URL of sites in tabs by just hovering over them with the mouse.

The tab 3rd from the left is the currently active tab.

View a list of currently open tabs

When you want to check the details of all open tabs at once instead of one at a time, just use the tab list.

The tab list can be displayed by clicking the arrow at the far right of the task bar.

The icon, title and description of sites are all displayed in the list so you can find those tabs you forgot about in an instance.

You can also close many tabs in one go by right-clicking a tab and choosing to close [Close all tabs on left], [Close right-ward] or [Close all tabs except for this one].


Protecting tabs

There are some pages that you just want there all the time.
For example let us say that you do a lot of translating. Instead of opening a translation website every few seconds, it is much easier just to leave the translation website open.
However, the problem with tabs is, people are leaving more and more open. On the right-hand side of tabs is an “X” to close tabs which can become ever-easier to accidently click when the number of tabs is increased and so tabs are made smaller.
In Sleipnir 3 though, there are ways to prevent this.

Protect tabs:

Protect tab groups:

Firstly you can protect tabs by double clicking them. If you double a click a tab, a pin shaped icon is displayed in the tab, indicating that you can not close it by clicking the “X” on the right-hand side of the tab. To unprotect a tab, just double click it again.

Restoring tabs

However, just say the worst happened and you accidently closed an unprotected tab. Usually, even though it may have been the last closed page, there would be no way to find out any information about it.
You can check the history, but it might be a page you opened days or even weeks ago, and so be nearly impossible to find.
With Sleipnir 3 though, you can find closed tabs from the closed tabs history.

Restore accidently closed tabs using the menu displayed above.

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