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Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.0.10) web browser released

Sleipnir 3 for Windows Web browser official banner and logo

Today, we released Sleipnir 3 for Windows version (3.0.10) with Back/Forward gestures and a rich selection of mouse assignment settings.

Download Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.0.10)
Download the zip version(The zip version can not be linked with FenrirFS.)

Added Back/Forward gestures

The popular Back/Forward gestures of the Sleipnir Family has been added to Sleipnir 3 for Windows! Thank you to the many people who requested it to be added.

The Back/Forward gestures can be used by going up the screen and then either left or right.
Just like in the Mac and iOS version, go left for the Back gesture and right for the Forward gesture.
(This can be edited from: Customize > Mouse > Mouse gestures)

Please check the image below for more information about other gestures.

Mouse assignment settings

The Sleipnir 2 function function with even more requests, partial support for mouse assignments has been added!

Mouse assignments can be made from Customize > Mouse > Mouse assignments. You can customize everything how you wish, such as clicking the mouse wheel to quickly switch to full-screen mode.

We will be combining the old gestures of Sleipnir 2 with the mouse gesture assignment function so that our long-term users can start using them more easily. We are also working on developing TouchPaging further so that new users can experience the pleasant touch feeling to control their browser.

List of mouse assignment functions

Name Function
AddToBookmark Add to bookmarks
Close Close tab
CloseAll Close all tabs
CloseExceptActive Close all other tabs
CloseLeftward Close all tabs to left
CloseRightward Close all tabs to right
CopySelectedLinks Copy selected link
CopyTitle Copy page title
CopyTitleAndUri Copy page title and URL
CopyUri Copy page URL
DuplicateActiveWindow Duplicate active tab
Exit Close Sleipnir
FindThisPage Search in page
FullScreen Full-screen
GoBack Back
GoForward Forward
GoHome Display Homepage
IncreaseFontSize Increase font sizeく
DecreaseFontSize Decrease font size
MaximizeClient Maximize
MinimizeClient Minimize
NavigationLock Protect tab
NewWindow New tab
NextTab Next tab
PreviousTab Previous tab
Open Open
OpenFromClipboard Open Clipboard text as URL
OpenSelectedLinks Open selected link
OpenSelectedText Open selected text as URL
Paste Paste
Print Print
PrintPreview Print preview
Refresh Refresh
RefreshAll Refresh all tabs
SearchSelectedText Search for selected text
SelectAll Select all
ShowBookmarkPanel Show bookmarks
ShowHistoryPanel Show history
Stop Stop
TranslateEngToJpn Translate English to Japanese
TranslateJpnToEng Translate Japanese to English
Undo Undo
ViewSelectedSource View selected source code
ViewSource View source code
ZoomIn Zoom in
ZoomOut Zoom out

Other modifications

We have also been working on making improvements to the freezing and unresponsiveness issues when switching tab groups with eco mode enabled, and fixing other issues. Please read the release notes for more information.

We have released the Sleipnir 3 for Windows FAQ page.
If you have any questions, please first check it out.

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