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Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.0.11) web browser released!

Sleipnir 3 for Windows Web browser official banner and logo

Today, we have released Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.0.11)!
With this version the close tab button is hidden when not needed.

Download from the Sleipnir 3 for Windows product page.

Automatically hide the close tab button

Thank you everybody for all the requests you have sent.
This time, we have made improvements in response to [I accidentally close tabs when the width of tabs are narrow].
What we have done to solve this issue is hide the [x] button for inactive tabs when the width of tabs are narrow.
If you want to close inactive tabs when the width of tabs are narrow, please use the right-click menu or the close button from the tab pop-up menu.

Improvements made using received Feedback

Thank you everybody who sent their reports of forced terminations through the FeedBackAgent!
Because it is always possible to reflect the received information, we are able to quickly fix issues in the current [Sleipnir].

As a result, we can tell you that the majority of forced termination issues that are still occurring are caused by the following [areas unrelated to Sleipnir].
1. Forced termination issues occurring due to the Trident function in Windows.
2. Forced termination issues occurring due to Trident plug-ins(Flash, Adobe Reader, etc.).

We have made improvements to the FeedBackAgent so that the causes of issues are easier to understand, and so that more detailed information about the status of issues can be obtained.
We ask for your continued help in providing us with data so that we can carry out fixing any forced termination issues.

Operations made lighter

We have removed unnecessary parts of the processing of focusing when opening new tabs and acquiring and deleting favicons, to provide lighter operations.
We will continue to make improvements like this, so if there is something on your mind, feel free to report it from Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Other modifications

In addition to the modifications above, we have also made some other improvements such as for when displaying the menu with Alt + a key of your choice, and switching between enabling/disabling the menu bar.
For more details please refer to the release notes.

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