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Sleipnir 3 for Windows Web browser FAQ explained with images

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Thank you to everybody who has provided us with any Sleipnir 3 for Windows feedback of requests.
Upon looking over the opinions and requests we have received, we feel that has not been enough explanations available for our software.
In order to help our users to understand our software more easily, we have created the following FAQ with answers and images attached.

Why has the status bar vanished?

It hasn’t disappeared! It is still there!

You can switch it ON/OFF from the menu just like in the image above.

Can’t put tabs on the top level? Not a chance!

Just right click an empty area of a tab, open the [Customize User Interface] screen, and you can move a tab by drag and dropping it on to the top level! (Only effective with Aero in Vista and later releases)

Can I arrange tabs horizontally?

Of course you can. Open the [customize] screen from the menu, and from Tab | Tab | Tab position you can change the positioning in any direction you want.
Because displayed tabs can especially increase when leaving them from left to right, we recommend that you make use of this to cleverly display tabs in a way that doesn’t waste space.

I want to import bookmarks again

This is the import bookmarks screen that is displayed when you first start using Sleipnir 3 for Windows, but you actually can display it from the meny whenever you wish.

This is the end of the image attached explanation. We will be increasing the information to help you make better use of Sleipnir.
Thank you.

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