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Sleipnir Mobile Android 2.0β 3 web browser released!

Today, we released the (2.0) Beta 3 version of Sleipnir Mobile for Android.

Sleipnir Mobile for Android product page

Sleipnir Mobile Beta in the Android Market

Extensions Gallery

(2.0) Beta 3 Modifications

The main modifications are as below.

Information about newly arrived extensions now posted in the [Hot Topics]

You can now check the latest extensions to be posted in the Extensions Gallery in the [Hot Topics].

Extension update notification function

You can now check updates and install updates from the management screen when extensions that you have installed from the Extensions Gallery have been updated.

Download function strengthened (Android 2.3 and later releases only)

The strengthened points are as below.

– Downloads can now be continued even if the applications is closed.
– Application set to standby until online again if it goes offline when downloading.
– Downloads of failed downloads can now be reattempted.

These modifications are only for devices using Android 2.3 and later releases. There are no modifications for devices using Android 2.1 and 2.2.

You can now log-in to Twitter from the Extensions Gallery to freely post extensions.

User script for customizing web pages is still an unexplored area of the smartphone world.
Please try creating an extension! For information regarding how to create extensions, please visit the site below.

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