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Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.0 Beta released

Freely customize your web browsing experience with the new release of Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.0 Beta.

Sleipnir Mobile Beta in the Android Market
Extension Gallery

Extensions have been added to 2.0 Beta.


Extensions are extension functions that can be implemented into Sleipnir Mobile for Android so you can freely customize your web browsing experience. You can modify web pages the way you like with expressions by rewriting parts of loaded web pages. For example, by hiding unnecessary contents of a page you can make the main contents easier to view, or you can add buttons for downloading files in a page.

How to obtain and use extensions

Extensions can be obtained from the currently test opened Extensions Gallery. Initially, there are only a few contents available, but we will be increasing available contents rapidly!

We are very sorry to inform you that there is currently no English help section available.
However, we will release a detailed English help section in the near future.
We have supplied a few helpful notes below in the meantime.

How to install extensions:
Extensions can be installed by clicking the [Install] button located in each individual extension page.

How to use extensions:
Installed extensions are automatically executed once the target page has been fully loaded.

How to manage extensions:
The extensions management screen can be opened by selecting [Manage extensions] from the settings screen.
From the extensions management screen, you can check installed extensions, turn them off and on, and install new extensions.

How to create an extension

Extensions are created in Javascript. We have implemented a system to easily use API and jQuery for accessing application-side functions. This makes creating extensions a walk in the park.

The extensions development page is still under development so English support is currently unavailable.
However, English support will be added in the near future.

We want your extensions!

If you know Javascript then please try making an extensions!

If you create an extension, just send us a message to “” and we will release it in the Extensions Gallery. We plan to let users freely post and manage extensions in the Extension Gallery in the near future.

And of course we would be very happy if you released any extensions on your web site or blog!

We also want your 2.0 Beta feedback!

2.0 Beta and Extensions Gallery have both just been released so are in developmental stages. Any feedback you provide will help us a lot in improving our services in the future.

We also would very much appreciate it if you could provide us with any opinions or requests such as [I want this extension], [I want to be able to create an extension like this], [I want the Extensions Gallery to be more like this], or anything else. Please send your opinions and requests from the Extensions Gallery form or to @fenrir_inc on Twitter.

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