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Sleipnir Mobile for Android web browser 1.7.1 and 2.0 Beta released

Today, we have released Sleipnir Mobile for Android 1.7.1 with fixed issues and improved performance, and also the Beta 2 version of 2.0 with added extension development functions.

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1.7.1 Modifications

We have mainly fixed issues and improved performance in 1.7.1.
The main modification are as below:

– Battery consumption when in the background reduced by a maximum of 80%
-Rendering speed improved in Android 3.x/4.0 devices by enabling hardware acceleration
– Issue where the keyboard would not be display fixed
– Issue where the program would not run has been dealt with
– Issue where cache would not be completely deleted when choosing to delete cache fixed
– Issue where switching between tabs by flicking while the Hot Topics are displayed would cause new tabs to open fixed
– Displaying of Hot Topics titles modified to be easier to read
– Issue where the set page would not open when opening new tabs fixed

2.0 Beta 2 Modifications

The modifications in 2.0 Beta 2 are as below. For more information regarding extensions, please visit the Extensions Gallery help page.

XPath support added for extensions development

It is now possible to use and implement XPath by adding @require xpath to the meta data. This makes it a lot easier to transfer scripts from Greasemonkey.

For more details, please visit the Extensions Development page in the Extensions Gallery.

Issue where extensions in local directories could not be installed via intent fixed

Installation from apps such as Dropbox made possible.

1.7.1 modifications applied

The modifications for 1.7.1 listed above have also been applied to 2.0 Beta 2.

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