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Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 1.8 released

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We are very happy to announce that Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 1.8 released

The latest version (1.8) of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad was released today. We have implemented the add-block feature into this version just as previously announced. We have also included many improvements such as the new translucent tab groups. For more information about the various modifications, please read on.

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Automatically hide adds from web pages with this function. You can remove all those annoying  adds in one go with this function, including the particularly annoying floating ads that follow the screen as you move.
Afterwards, we will be introducing a settings screen where you can check how many ads have been removed. This is great for seeing just how effective this function is.

If you have any advertisement whihc has not been blocked and you would like to block, Please let us know from the form here.

Action panel

Up until now, when the action button was pressed in the tool bar, a long action sheet(menu) would be displayed. However, because the number of options increased so much it became awkward to select options so we have arranged everything in a panel. You can find all those functions you often use right here.

In addition to the functions that already existed, some new functions have also been added to the action panel. You can also access settings from here.

Lock the iPhone screen direction

There is a function in iOS to lock the screen vertically. It is that thing displayed on the left of the screen when you press the home button twice. However, if you want to lock the screen only when using Sleipnir Mobile, it can be a bit of a bother to press the home button every time.

So, we have prepared for you a specific Sleipnir Mobile screen lock function. You can find this option in the action panel at the second from top-left icon.

Also, this function works independently from the iOS screen lock function.

Wi-Fi support for transfer function

Have you tried out the transfer function [transfer pages just like that between your friends and family] yet? Up until now this function could only be used with Bluetooth, but with the latest version you can now transfer using Wi-Fi as well. You can also use this to transfer between iPhones and iPads on the same network.

You can also now use the transfer function by just connecting to the network even if you are someone who usually has Bluetooth turned off, making it easier to use than ever. Also, we have changed it so even if you switch to another app, the connection is put on stand-by preventing the connecting from breaking easily.

This is how to use<link> it.  Firstly, please open the connection screen and connect from both devices. You will probably notice the interesting jumping movement at this time. If you haven’t used it yet, please grab one of your friends who has an iPhone or iPad and check it out.

Incidentally, this is only the beginning. You may even be able to transfer with that other version of Sleipnir in the new future…

Translucent tab groups

The background of tab groups have become translucent. With this, you can make better use of the wide screen while still having the tabs displayed at all time with the same quick and easy to use functions.

Restoration of user agent settings

We have brought back to life the user agent settings that were previously removed due to problems<link> implementing in iOS 5. Through continuous investigating, we have finally found a way to solve this issue, and have restored this function in the latest version.

By this, we have also improved abnormal movements that occurred in some web page operations.

We have also added other various improvements and modifications such as an improvement to the blog response bar. Please try out the new power-upped and richer Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad.

We have also updated FlickAddress, an address book that you can operate with Flick!

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