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FenrirFS 2.4 released

Today, we have released FenrirFS 2.4 with the image spread view function!

FenrirFS 2.4 download page
FenrirFS 2.4 release notes

Spread view perfect for viewing E-books

With the spread view function, you can align and display vertically long images.

The above is an example of spread view mode when using the full-screen view.
You can modify the display settings and start slide shows from the panel(displayed when the mouse is moved) with buttons aligned on it.

If you use the Susie plug-in for archive files such as ZIP, you can use the spread view even with the wide-screen view preview pane and Quick Preview.
If you possess any ZIP files with E-books inside, please try out the Susie plug-in.

Please refer to the links below for how to install the Susie plug-in.

FenrirFS (2.3) How to use the Susie plug-in and full-screen view

FenrirFS 2.3 released – Susie plug-in support added!

Improvement in ease of use of label / smart folder lists

In this latest update, we have made improvements to the ease of use of label / smart folder lists, and made it possible to add items from the right-click menu.

This modification makes it possible to create labels much more intuitively than previously possible.

Improvements to the automatic sorting filter creation/modification dialog

It is now possible to create labels from the automatic sorting filter creation/modification dialog. This has removed the necessity of having to create labels from the main window in advance before creating filters.

Furthermore, by inserting a check in the newly added [Apply to existing files(E)] option, filtering will be applied to existing files the moment the box closes when you press on [OK] in the file automatic sorting settings dialog. (Not applied to files in the recycle bin.)


In this latest update, we have strengthened image viewing functions, and improved the ease of use.
We have also improved various issues resulting in improved stability, so please update to the latest version of FenrirFS.

Thank you.

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