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Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.0.12) web browser released!

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Today, we have released Slepnir 3 for Windows (3.0.12) with the improved  memory release function!

Download from the Sleipnir 3 for Windows product page.

Improvements to operations when memory usage becomes high

Thank you to everybody who provided us with their feedback.
As a result of analyzing the feedback, we have discovered that the memory usage when many tabs are opened greatly increases, causing Sleipnir to become unstable.
As a counter-measure, we have made modifications so that the memory usage status is automatically detected, and tabs that are not used frequently, unloaded. This has improved the stability when browsing for long periods of time or when many tabs have been opened.

We will continue to implement stability improvements like this so please continue to help us by providing your feedback.

Thank you.

Speed optimized for overall operations

As a result of conducting a performance survey, we discovered that when managing labels when there are many bookmarks, there is a lot of waste in the processing.
We have also made improvements to points we thought could be improved such as address bar processing, improving the speed for overall operations.
As we are lacking information in order to optimize speed further such as the environments used when speed is especially slow, if you do experience any problems it would be a great help if you could contact us about it via the Sleipnir 3 for Windows page-bottom form, Twitter, or Facebook.

Improved displaying of web sites

As a result of a survey, we have discovered that there are virtually no sites that will not be displayed properly when not using compatibility mode, and rather that displaying in compatibility mode when not necessary can lead to sites not being displayed properly.
Due to this, we have made modifications so that the compatibility display list that Microsoft provides is not automatically used.
We plan to deal with essential services independently, so if you find any sites that can not be displayed properly, we will be very grateful if you could possibly let us know about them.

Other modifications

In addition to the above, we have made improvements to the stability of Gecko, and fixed issues.
For more details please refer to the release notes.

We have released the Sleipnir 3 for Windows FAQ page.
If you have any questions, please first check it out.

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