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Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 1.8.2 web browser released

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Today, we released the latest version of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone/iPad (1.8.2). Thank you for waiting! You can now save passwords so they are automatically inserted in the future. Please read on for further details about the rich selection of new functions for this major update (1.8.2).

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Automatically inserted passwords

Saving user names and passwords when logging in to web sites such as Twitter or Facebook, and then having them automatically inserted from next time has been made possible with [Automatically insert passwords].

Tap [Save password] for the confirmation message that is displayed on the first time you log in. Doing so will make it so user names and passwords are automatically inserted into the form of the same site from next time.

Multiple accounts are also supported. If you fill in the user name column and proceed to the next column, the password connected with that user name can be filled in. Even if you want to say have separate accounts for private and business use, you can easily set separate passwords.

Saved user names and passwords can be managed from the [Automatically insert passwords] screen in the settings. You can delete fields that you no longer require from here.

Sites that you previously selected [Do not save] for are also recorded here. If you ever change your mind and think that you do want to save information for that site, just delete it from list. The next time you visit the site you deleted from the list, the save confirmation message when inputting data into the form will display again.

The target for saving the password is determined by the form name from the web page. If for any reason you can not save data for certain sites, please contact us about it via the product page-bottom form. We are also happy to respond to any opinions or requests you have as well. Also feel free to send requests here regarding ad-block targets.

Product page form

Other modifications

We have fixed multiple issues in this version.

– Operational reliability improved when logging in to Fenrir Pass fails
– Information sent upon confirmation when phone number links are tapped
– Issue where numbers would break up when full-width symbols are displayed in phone number links fixed
– Issue where the page would scroll down to the bottom without instructing it to do so fixed
– Issue where the program would crash when bookmarks in label management were deleted by swiping fixed

Please look forward to the further improvements we are working on to make Sleipnir even more powerful.

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