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Sleipnir mobile for Windows Phone 1.3 released! switch tabs with just a flick, delete tabs with a letter L, and other gestures added!

Today, we released Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone 1.3 with some new gestures such as flicking left or right to switch tabs, and drawing a letter L to delete tabs. We have also included many other improvements such as the bookmarks list and closed tabs function.

Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone product page

Sleipnir Mobile in Marketplace

Switch tabs with a flick

Tabs can be switched between by simply flicking pages to the left or right. You can quickly flick to the tab you want to view even when many have been opened.

2 other gestures have also been added.

Delete pages with the L character

Tabs can be close by drawing the letter “L” on a page. Use this function to close pages you have finished with on the spot.

Quickly access bookmarks

You can pull out bookmarks and closed tabs from the left-edge of the screen. With this function you can truly feel the lightness of Windows Phone.

We have also made improvements to FenrirPass synchronization, and fixed issues. Please try it out!

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