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Translators wanted for Windows, Mac and now the Mobile versions of Sleipnir web browser

We recently started recruiting volunteer translators for the Windows and Mac version of Sleipnir met with an amazing response from our users. We are very grateful to the number of users who have volunteered to translate Sleipnir into their native languages.

In addition to the Windows and Mac versions of Sleipnir, we are now also recruiting volunteers for the Mobile versions of Sleipnir. So if you would like to see Sleipnir in your native language on your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device, then please help us translate Sleipnir.

We are recruiting volunteer translators for various languages.
The translation process is simple and can be completed without taking up much of your time.
If you would like to use your native language in Sleipnir and it is not already available, then why not join in and help us translate Sleipnir.

Target products:
Sleipnir 3 for Windows
Sleipnir 3 for Mac
Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad
Sleipnir Mobile for Android
Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone

Translation status:

* Please check out information regarding the latest status of translations in the blog post below:

How to open the file

– Please send us a message to and we will promptly send the csv file to be filled in.

– Please select UTF-8 for the encoding, and [Tab] only for the separator.
(Otherwise characters might be garbled.)

How to input the translation

– Please insert the target translation language into the blank column to the right of the English column, and specify the target translation language at the top.

Please try to keep translations the same size or shorter than the English translations because space in the binary is limited. However, we do understand that it may be difficult for all the translations, so please let us know if it is difficult to keep any of the translations the same size or shorter than the English translation.

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