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FenrirFS 2.4.5 free file management software released

Today, we have released FenrirFS 2.4.5 with a more powerful file search function and various other improvements.

Download FenrirFS 2.4.5 from the product page
FenrirFS 2.4.5 release notes

File search option

Support added to modify the file search settings from the right-click menu of the search box magnifying icon.
*1 It is required to enclose regular expressions in double quotes when they include spaces.

Options added for when creating auto sync mode profiles

We have added [Only set labels of direct parent folders(P)] and [Do not watch files in sub-folders(S)] to the options for when creating auto sync mode profiles, providing an ever vast range of ways to use the application.

The newly added options can also be modified from [Profile settings(S)…] located in the menu at the top-left of the screen.

When you modify the [Do not watch files in sub-folders(S)] option, files are re-synchronized, and then you can add/delete files in sub-folders.

Improvements to actions when drag and dropping alias files

Up until now, when aliases in manual sync mode profiles were drag and dropped to shortcut links of other applications, alias files using the link information instead of the actual files would open, and so would not operate properly.
We received many requests from users to modify this action, so in FenrirFS 2.4.5 we have added modifications so that when drag and dropping aliases, the actual files are used instead.

* Along with this modification, when drag and dropping files to the move them in file manager of Explorer, etc., the actual file is now moved from its original location, so please be careful.

And lastly

In addition to strengthening the file search function and making improvements to the auto sync mode profile, we have also implemented improvements to the actions when drag and dropping aliases in response to the requests of our users.
We have also made many other improvements such as issue fixes and improvements to stability, so please update to the latest version.

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