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Google Drive cloud service released – Easy to understand FAQ and comparison

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(Google Drive site down! So decided to use our Web browser instead.)

Yes, it is big news!

Google has just released its cloud service called Google Drive.  It has been highly anticipated for a while now, with the obvious possibilities of a Google cloud service that can link its services together, it really does seem like the internet is going to expand even more.

And of course, we are planning to use and develop our products in sync with Google Drive. Please check out the bottom of this article to see how we will link our file management software – FenrirFS.

With the flood of similar articles on the Web, I have decided to offer a simple, easy to read guide to Google Drive.

Please check it out!

Google Drive general information

  • Name: Google Drive
  • Who makes it: Google
  • What is it: Cloud service – online service for storing and accessing files online.
  • What does it cost: It is free, but there is a paid service too.
  • How much memory is available: Free – 5GB,  25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month, 1TB for $49.99/month

Google Drive important points

  • Google Drive is the new name for Google Docs – Google Docs has been merged into the service.
  • Synchronized between the cloud and connected devices.
  • Edited and saved in the cloud.

Main Competitors

There are 3 main competitors to Google Drive.

Microsoft SkyDrive who just released news of an important update to their cloud service only to be shadowed by this news of Google Drive.
Dropbox who are the main player with millions of users and offering a great service with many features.
Apple iCloud is the cloud service from Apple, but unfortunately is not versatile, mainly linking between its own services.

Google along with the main competitors are listed with their main pricing plans below:

  • (Google Drive5GB: Free / 25GB: $2.49 per month / 100GB: $4.99 per month / 1TB: $49.99 per month)
  • Microsoft SkyDrive – 7GB: Free / 20GB: $10 per year / 50GB: $25 per year / 100GB: $50 per year
  • Dropbox – 2GB: Free / 50GB: $9.99 per month or $99 per year / 100GB: $19.99 per month or $199 per year
  • Apple iCloud5GB: Free / 10GB: $20 per year / 20GB: $40 per year / 50GB: $100 per year

Google Drive pros

  • Paid plans are cheap in relation to competitors
  • Save any file to the cloud
  • Search by keywords
  • Filter by file type, owner and more
  • Text in images recognized by OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Image recognition (If you upload an image of a boat, will be searchable by boat)
  • Edited and saved in the cloud so no update conflicting issues.
  • Photos from Drive to Google+
  • Attach from Drive to emails in Gmail (Soon to be added)
  • Open platform – 3rd party developers to send faxes, edit videos, etc.

Google Drive cons

  • – Currently, yearly plans are not available. (short term = more expensive) More pricing information on the Google storage plans page below:
    Google Drive pricing page
  • – Pricing has gone up a lot in comparison with the old storage plans used in Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa. You can find more information about the comparison of new and old plans at the blog post below: 
    Android Police comparison of new and old Google storage prices
  • Does not yet have the robust variety of functions available in the popular cloud service – Dropbox.
  • Image and text recognition still in its early stages


Google Drive definitely is going to be one of, and probably the strongest player in the cloud service market in the future due to its impressive features and its ability to sync with its own services. It is still in its early stages so the image and text recognition services still need improvements, and there are many functions that are yet to be implemented, but even so, Google Drive is already a competent player. I can assume it is already being populated by the internet masses because the official site has been down for a while:


 (I was actually going to use the Google Drive logo for the top page banner but as the site was down have decided to use our Web browser: Sleipnir 3 for Windows.)

It looks like the real fight will be between Google Drive and Dropbox for the time being and probably for a while to come, but who knows what other companies will do in response. Facebook recently bought the photo editing site – Instagram. How will Facebook respond to this new “Cloud” development?

How our products will link with Google Drive

Our aim is to link our products across different platforms with different services to provide users with what they want

With our FenrirFS free file management software currently available for Windows, we aim to provide a link service with Google Drive.

Further information will be added tomorrow.

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