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Sleipnir 2 for Windows (2.9.10) released!

We have just released the latest version of the free Sleipnir 2 for Windows (2.9.10) Web browser with improved operations!

You can download this application for free from the product page here.

Thanks to Sleipnir 3 development feedback

We have applied some improvements regarding memory usage issues of Sleipnir 3 for Windows to Sleipnir 2 as well. A bar is now displayed urging you to restart the application when the memory usage of the rendering engine being used approaches its limit. Restarting the application when notified prevents Sleipnir from terminating and freezing. Please restart the application if you ever see this notification. We have also made other improvements to memory usage.

Other modifications

We have also made other improvements to operations and fixed bugs. Please read the release notes for further information.

Also, please do not forget to try out the latest series of the Sleipnir Web browser – Sleipnir 3 for Windows!

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