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(Addition 3: Issues fixed) Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 1.9 Web browser released! Use full-screen mode with your iPad! Save pages to your local disk!

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Today, we released the latest version of the free Web browser for iOS – Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone v1.9.

Thank you to all the user of the iPad version of Sleipnir for waiting. You can now browse using the spacious full-screen mode in the iPad version. Also, you can now save Web pages to your device so you can view them offline. Furthermore, you support for file downloads has also been added.

2012/04/23 Addition 3: We have released v1.9.1 with a fix to the issue below. Please update to the latest version.

2012/04/17 Addition 2: We have submitted v1.9.1 to the App Store with fixes to the issues below.

It appears that when transferring the internal database on initial start-up, when the process takes a while it causes the application to crash. Even if the process is stopped while in progress, if you start-up the application again, it will continue from where it processed up to, so it is possible to solve the problem by repeatedly re-starting the application.

2012/04/16 Addition: There have been reports that the application does not start-up after updating in certain usage situations. We are currently working towards solving this issue.

As an emergency measure, you should be able to start-up the application properly by deleting the application and re-installing it(all your data will be erased). If you use Fenrir Pass, you can restore bookmarks by using the sync function after deleting the application.

Check out Sleipnir Mobile in the App Store

Please read below for further details about the feast of new functions added!

Full-screen mode for the iPad

We have added full-screen support for the iPad. The full-screen mode on the iPad only displays tab groups. The tab groups are translucent so you can use the spacious full-screen while being able to operate tabs easily.

Also, you can open the action panel by tapping current tabs. This make it easy to perform various function while browsing in full-screen.

We have also added a search icon to the action panel. The tool bar is displayed when searching even in full-screen mode.

In addition to searching, the bookmark bar and address bar can also be tapped. In other words, you can access your bookmarks even when browsing in full-screen mode.

And of course, you can still swipe left and right to switch between tabs, and use gestures to go back, close tabs, refresh tabs, and much more when in full-screen mode.

Save Web pages to tabs

Have you ever thought “Wouldn’t it be great if I could view pages in places where I can not get online” such as when using the underground/subway or an iPad Wi-Fi model?

Well, if you have, then I am happy to tell you that you can now save pages in full, and then view them offline by tapping the [Save pages to tab] icon located at the bottom-right of the action panel.

A badge is displayed on tabs when you save them. This page has been cut and saved to a tab.

Save tabs beforehand so you can view pages when you can not connect.

Download files

Support to download files has been added. Save files such as zip files to your device, and then taken them out from your Mac or PC via iTunes.

Also, when images and PDF files are open, the bottom-right of the action panel becomes a [Download files] icon. Open files can be downloaded from here.

The icon flies off when you start a download. The centre of the [Download] icon in the action panel shines when a download is in progress.

When the download has finished, a light is set indicating completion.

Download files can be managed from this screen. Please use iTunes in order to taken them out using your Mac or PC.

PDF and other files can be sent over to other applications using iBooks, etc.

So please, give the powerful new functions that provide an ever free browsing experience in the Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad Web browser a go!

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