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Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone Web browser 1.4 released

Today, we have released the latest version of Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone (1.4) with additions such as the Hold And Go function to open links in tabs one after another by holding down links, and the FenirPass auto-sync function. We have also added the folder tile function and included many fixes to reported issues.

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Hold And Go

Pages are opened in the background when links are held down. In addition to links inside pages, you can also use Hold And Go with bookmarks and searches to open tabs one after another without switching screens.

You can also choose to display the hold menu. Just slide using your fingers to copy links, etc.

You can use it by setting [Basic settings] > [Always open new tabs by holding] to off.

Folder tile

You can now place folder tiles of bookmarks on the home screen. By switching folder tile in the settings to on, bookmark folders can be set from the hold menu.

By using folder tile, you can set bookmarks registered to that folder as tabs and start up Sleipnir Mobile. If you are somebody who constantly opens the same tabs, you can really make your everyday browsing easier by registering sites you often use as bookmarks to the tile.

Auto-sync of bookmarks

The manual synchronization of bookmarks using FenrirPass in Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone has finally become automatic from version 1.4. You can now automatically sync bookmarks by just logging in. We have also made many other improvements such as fixing the issue where the app would crash when specifying the folder when adding bookmarks, and changing the bookmarks screen that is brought out by flicking to close using they key back button.

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