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The user community has become easier to use! – Categories for each Sleipnir version!

The user community is a place where you can find out solutions to issues for our products, and a place to share information with other users.
The user community was made up of the following 6 categories; Sleipnir Family, FenrirFS, PictBear, SnapCrab, FlickAddress and Inkiness.Even though there are 5  different versions of Sleipnir, related information was all restricted to one Sleipnir Family category.

So because we thought it was a little difficult to find the answers you are looking for, we decided to split Sleipnir into categories for each Sleipnir version.
The user community is for users to help and communicate with each other. It was created for this purpose, and so we hope this change will help support that.

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