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How to pronounce Sleipnir

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“Sleipnir? Is that English? How do you pronounce Sleipnir?”

This is the reaction our Web browser has been met with from time to time.
First off, let me confirm that “Sleipnir” is not of English origin. It is a horse from Norse mythology. Norse is a word referring to something of Norway.
The word has been used in myths and poems in the North of Europe for many centuries. You may have heard of the word in popular media such as in Final Fantasy VII where Odin is riding Sleipnir.

So, how do you pronounce Sleipnir?

“Sleipnir” is often used as a name for horses in Iceland.

Fitjamyri Icelandic Horses has provided pronunciation examples for horse names including “Sleipnir” found at the page below:

Pronunciation of horse names in Icelandic including Sleipnir

However, as this has an Icelandic accent, it may be slightly difficult and unnatural for English speakers to pronounce.
So, please pronounce “Sleipnir” using a natural English accent.

I have provided a sample of me pronouncing “Sleipnir” below. I have also provided a sample of me pronouncing “Fenrir” which is the name of our company.

If you understand the IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet), please use the pronunciation offered by

They also have a sample pronunciation available.


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