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Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.4) released! Now the browser with probably the easiest to find tabs thanks to the new version of TiledTab!

Today, we have released the latest version of the Web browser – Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.4)! In this latest version, we have made radical changes to the display for looking through tabs at a glance – TiledTab! Now you can group by site for never seen before easy to find tabs.

Download from the Mac App Store
Download the Black Edition from the product page

Please read on below for further information about the new TiledTab providing probably the fastest way to find tabs.

The new TiledTab that groups by site.

Sometimes, do you find that you have opened so many tabs that you just can’t find the one you want to? In response to that problem, we have added the innovative new function – TiledTab.

In order to switch to TiledTab just pinch-in on the track pad or
click the icon at the left-side of tab groups.

You can view open tabs together when you switch to TiledTab. Tabs from the same sites are grouped together.

Even if there does seem like a mountain of open tabs at first glance, when they are grouped by site they become much more manageable. With this, you surely can find the site you are looking for!


Even if you open many tabs, maybe only 5 would be displayed.

Sites are grouped by domains. Sub-domains are handled as other sites,
so sites such as Gmail and Google searches can be checked separately.

When you click grouped sites, that page opens straight away. All pages are automatically brought together in tab groups.

You can also select a site and browse through while swiping.

You can also expand grouped pages and view them.

All pages can be expanded by clicking the page number or
using a pinch gesture on sites.

You can view grouped pages individually when you expand them.

You can also close them together.Those search result pages that easily split out into many tabs are grouped together in TiledTab so they don’t slow you down, and you can also close them all in one go. Unnecessary pages can be cleared up with one sweep.

When closing all sites, to prevent mis-operation,
the close button is displayed after a small delay.

Tab groups are displayed at the bottom like usual. Just drag tabs to move to other tab groups. You can also move by site.

You can also sort tab groups by the same 6 colors used for iOS, and then add names.
In addition to clicking, you can also switching between tab groups by swiping horizontally across the screen.

You can also group sites together and move them to tab groups.

Looking at everything by site feels more like when you are actually searching for something compared with searching by tab, so you can quickly open that page you want to view. We are designing with the idea that Searching for [that site] rather than [that tab] is faster.

So how about giving TiledTab of the more powerful Sleipnir 3 for Mac web browser with its rich selection of tab functions a go!

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