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Save Web pages as PDF to Evernote and Dropbox using the new Sleipnir 3 for Mac Web browser

In the new version of  Sleipnir that is currently under development, it will be possible to link with many different Web services. In this article, I will be introducing about one of these  – how to save as PDF to Evernote, Dropbox, etc.

Mac and PDF

One of the chacteristics of Mac OS X is that it has a high affinity with PDF. Immediately after the installation of Mac OS X, being able to view PDF format files is standard, but you can also instead of printing output to PDF as standard. In other words, you can easily convert what you are looking at to PDF. Also, you can achieve the same thing in programs, so there isn’t a way to not use it for saving Web pages.

If I use PDF…

PDF has the following 3 advantages.

  • – Neatly displayed characters when enlarged
    Operates almost the same as when enlarging in Web browsers.
  • – The whole document can be searched
    You can search from the client in Evernote and from Sportlight on Mac in Dropbox.
  • – Links can be pressed
    Maybe you can not execute JavaScript, but standard links can be opened using your Web browser.

 When you usually use the output to PDF function, the style changes to be suitable for printing, but you may want to save in the same state for checking out later. For this, we can use a little technique in Sleipnir 3 for Mac. After having removed the print style that has been set to the page and converted into a PDF, resetting this makes it possible to save in the same state.

Save in one go with keyboard shortcuts

When you execute the save, you can execute it after selecting the format such as PDF or PNG, and the service for posting, but you can also save without confirmation by using the settings used last time. Of course, you can also use keyboard shortcuts, so if you decide not to confirm when saving, you can quickly save with the light and easy feeling of saving bookmarks. It maybe a little to simple, so please be careful to keep an eye on the maximum storage amount for the Web services.

sleipnir mac pdf save to the cloud


 In addition to the PDF saving function to storage services, there will be linking with many other Web services, and linking with smartphones in the new Sleipnir 3 for Mac under development. It really is something that will meet the expectations of users, so please look forward to it!

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