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Developer’s blog has been given a new home!

The official developer’s blog has been moved to

This blog will remain as it is now, but updates will be made to the new blog listed above.

Please regularly check the new blog for future development updates.

Thank you!

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Translators wanted for Windows, Mac and now the Mobile versions of Sleipnir web browser

We recently started recruiting volunteer translators for the Windows and Mac version of Sleipnir met with an amazing response from our users. We are very grateful to the number of users who have volunteered to translate Sleipnir into their native languages.

In addition to the Windows and Mac versions of Sleipnir, we are now also recruiting volunteers for the Mobile versions of Sleipnir. So if you would like to see Sleipnir in your native language on your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device, then please help us translate Sleipnir.

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Translators wanted for Sleipnir 3 for Windows and Mac web browsers!

We are recruiting volunteer translators for various languages.
The translation process is simple and can be completed without taking up much of your time.
If you would like to use your native language in Sleipnir and it is not already available, then why not join in and help us translate Sleipnir.

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About the ever-confusing [file permissions] – 3 and 4 digit permissions?

If you own your own site then you probably have come across [file permissions] at some point.

Set standard HTML files to 644,
CGI files to 755,
if you do not set the CGI file to 700 when using the *** rental server *** plan, operations will not work,
and so on, there really does seem a lot of [set rules] that you need to learn off by heart.

So, what do you think the permission 2775 is used for? How about 1777?

This topic is probably not often covered on beginner sites, so today I want to talk a little bit about [4 digit file permissions].

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