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Fenrir Inc. Developer’s Blog Top Page for Sleipnir Web browser and other software

This is the top page of the official developer’s blog for Fenrir Inc.
As this post is regularly updated, you can always easily find the latest information about our products from this post.
Please feel free to use any of the links provided, leave comments on our posts, or send us any kind of feedback. Thank you very much.

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How to pronounce Sleipnir

Sleipnir 3 for Windows Web browser official banner and logo

“Sleipnir? Is that English? How do you pronounce Sleipnir?”

This is the reaction our Web browser has been met with from time to time.
First off, let me confirm that “Sleipnir” is not of English origin. It is a horse from Norse mythology. Norse is a word referring to something of Norway.
The word has been used in myths and poems in the North of Europe for many centuries. You may have heard of the word in popular media such as in Final Fantasy VII where Odin is riding Sleipnir.

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The user community has become easier to use! – Categories for each Sleipnir version!

The user community is a place where you can find out solutions to issues for our products, and a place to share information with other users.
The user community was made up of the following 6 categories; Sleipnir Family, FenrirFS, PictBear, SnapCrab, FlickAddress and Inkiness.Even though there are 5  different versions of Sleipnir, related information was all restricted to one Sleipnir Family category.

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