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Things to watch out for when creating webpages

Today, I would like to introduce a few points I watch out for when creating webpages.
The following is the perfect next step for those who already understand HTML, CSS, and cross browser rendering.

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[Android App Design Tips] How to improve App UI with NINE Patch

Firstly, if you have not already tried out Sleipnir Mobile for Android, please download it from the Sleipnir Mobile for Android product page.

Android devices use many different resolutions, so in order to prevent buttons, etc. from looking untidy when expanding them, it is necessary to optimize images so that they can change to tidy-looking shapes.

One such specified enlarged image for Android OS is NINE Patch image.

Today, I will introduce the basic way to make and structure of NINE Patch images.

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[Design TIPS] How to make buttons with borders that do not blur


Today, I want to introduce a handy tip for creating buttons.
One thing that is very important when creating buttons to be used in many different situations is to make sure that [the border of the button does not blur in different colour backgrounds].

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4 Recommended Fireworks extensions functions to speed up designing

[Increasing the quality decreases the speed, but increasing the speed decreases the quality…]
This quality and speed problem is a constant issue for designers.
This time, I would like to introduce to you the Fireworks extension function useful for when you want to quickly finish UI or Web mockup designs while maintaining the quality.

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The human eyes from a design perspective

How beautiful something seems in your eyes is definately something to consider when designing.
However, designs that do not provide us with the required information not only makes it difficult to use, but also drastically reduces its original worth.
When deciding what colour would be most appropriate for a design, in addition to coloring, there are also many other points to consider such as the user’s visual ability and colour-viewing limitations, illnesses, and the surrounding environment.
The perceived background is not the same for everybody, but is perceived differently from person to person.
So today, I would like to write a little bit about the human eye.

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