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Google Drive cloud service released – Easy to understand FAQ and comparison

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(Google Drive site down! So decided to use our Web browser instead.)

Yes, it is big news!

Google has just released its cloud service called Google Drive.  It has been highly anticipated for a while now, with the obvious possibilities of a Google cloud service that can link its services together, it really does seem like the internet is going to expand even more.

And of course, we are planning to use and develop our products in sync with Google Drive. Please check out the bottom of this article to see how we will link our file management software – FenrirFS.

With the flood of similar articles on the Web, I have decided to offer a simple, easy to read guide to Google Drive.

Please check it out!

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[Objective-C in Emacs] Check the syntax in flymake

Today, I want to introduce a little bit about checking syntax with flymake.
When I started writing Objective-C, the device I was using wasn’t that great so I didn’t try using it, but now I am using a much better device so I thought I’d give it a go.

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Feel at ease by automatically hiding file extensions. Let’s try out Mac OS folder actions

I usually hide all file extensions because I can tell what kind of files I am looking at by the icon, and I don’t feel at ease when looking at the unnecessary extensions at the end of file names.(Other people may be different)

However, there are some applications that do not hide extensions when saving, which can be a real pain to manually hide afterwards.

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[Web designing tips] – &nbsp is not a half-width space?

[In HTML, a half-width space is &nbsp:]

This is something I hear from time to time.
I also thought this a long time ago, but when I checked out [What does nbsp really mean?], I learnt a lot.
I just remembered about this again, so I would like to talk a little bit about it.

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They’re different! How to match the animation rate of gif files accross browsers

Today, I would like to introduce a little bit about gif animation.

If you use the internet you probably have heard about gif animations,
but do you sometimes feel [Wait? Isn’t this gif animation a little slow?].

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