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FenrirFS 2.4.5 free file management software released

Today, we have released FenrirFS 2.4.5 with a more powerful file search function and various other improvements.

Download FenrirFS 2.4.5 from the product page
FenrirFS 2.4.5 release notes

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FenrirFS 2.4 released

Today, we have released FenrirFS 2.4 with the image spread view function!

FenrirFS 2.4 download page
FenrirFS 2.4 release notes

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FenrirFS 2.3 How to use the Susie plug-in and full-screen view

We recently released FenrirFS (2.3). In this release we added full-screen view for previewing images and support for the Susie plug-in.
Today, I have introduced some tips for understand these new features.

Please install the latest version of FenrirFS.

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FenrirFS 2.3 released – Susie plug-in support added!

Today we have released FenrirFS 2.3 which has been implemented with support for Susie plug-in, and full-screen view for image previewing. Please check out the introduction to the new additions below.

FenirFS 2.3 download page
FenrirFS 2.3 release notes

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Capture visited sites and manage them with labels in FenrirFS

Today, I want to talk to you about managing sites about design.

Even if you do save it somewhere, as you save more it can get more and more difficult to manage them.
If you save and manage sites using bookmarks it can take a while opening different tabs, and also sometimes the designs on sites change.
Even if you capture an image of the site, maintaining those images can still be quite difficult.

So, why not try using SnapCrab and FenrirFS to capture an image of the site and then add tags and save, and automatically label multiple files.

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